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Selfless - 

I’ve heard this word being said every other day for the past two weeks and I wonder, if you’re truly selfless, would you talk about how selfless you are? And if you genuinely care about the needs and welfare of others before your own, would you be mad at them for not doing the same for you?

A few people have been singing this song and I’ve tried to memorise the lyrics but I can’t. It’s one of those songs you can jive to at first listen but once you realise its meaning, you don’t want to play it ever again. Like Cannibal Corpse songs.   

Flaws are inevitable, I understand. But you can, however, control the negativity you release unto the world. The people around you. Even to yourself.

I haven’t been feeling the greatest this week; there’s a lump in my throat, the kind you get when you’re guilty of something. And I couldn’t for the life of me think of why I’d be feeling this way; what am I guilty of doing? And I realise why now.

There have been a lot of reminders of the person I use to be and I hate it. I think it’s unfair for anyone to quickly place emotions under the negative umbrella. I feel incredibly conflicted when someone preaches about being true to yourself and sticking to your own morals, but disagrees with your personal choices. I know hypocrisy is in all of us but I do my best to keep that part of me as inactive as possible but that was not the case this week.

I feel guilty.

We spend way too much time condemning another person to the point where we don’t see how ugly we’ve become. Misunderstandings that can be fixed quite easily are blown out of proportion because apparently we enjoy feeling conflicted even though we go on and on about not wanting to be “part of the drama”.

I think it’s time to redecorate because this room is starting to suffocate me.

selfless |ˈselfləs|


concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish: an act of selfless devotion. 


“Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jaafar’s really gorgeous-looking younger brother?”

This is one of the many things I asked the incredibly talented illustrator, Amandeep Singh. Yes, I am full of journalistic integrity.

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Sometimes when I see people demand respect, I want to hit them with a brick; who do you think you are? When I listen to people condemn others for making choices they personally wouldn’t make, I regret not staying home and watching a movie. Who do these people think they are? 

Are you a King? Are you a God? Why are you better than me, him, her and them?

We are not built the same. We won’t agree on everything and I thought the point of meeting people that are opposites is to accept our differences? Here we are: arguing about everything and gaining absolutely nothing beneficial. 

I want to talk to people but the lot of you exhaust me. I don’t have the energy to keep discussing things that we aren’t changing. Where are we going, really? 


I like writing lists. There’s something about it that’s quite therapeutic. Whenever I come across a list that makes me talk about myself, I spend hours on it because I never know what the fuck to write. What’s relevant? What’s list-worthy? Where did the word list originate from? God all this thinking is making me hungry; who am I?

I ask myself those things in that order, yes. So I’m going to attempt (so far, all the attempts I’ve attempted to complete on this blog have failed successfully. Why yes, I am proud of my consistency! Failing is not as easy as you think!) 

I’m going to start listing things I enjoyed in the respected month; movies, books, songs, Instagram accounts - anything! And I’ll tag probably the same people over and over again, but, if you do decide to do it, tag other people and tag me in the post so I can read too! I’m a busybody like that, yes. ;) 


Last night I was scrolling through Twitter while waiting for an episode of Justified to load (Timothy Olyphant is forever) and I came across two very amusing tweets.

An acquaintance encountered a rude lady and how annoyed he was by her manners but proceeded to call her a “rude bitch”. Now, I don’t know about you but I thought he was being incredibly mature about the situation. I mean, obviously if you don’t like someone being rude, you call them a bitch because that totally shows how polite you are. Amirite? 

The other was by another acquaintance who found out that her friends had been talking about her on social media. Stalking her accounts. Discussing it. And how does she retaliate? By tweeting about this person. Said things - words to the affect - “it’s so pathetic to see that you’d tweet about me.” Uhm. Hello. You just tweeted about her too?

Irony: it’s the best kind of humor.

I wanted to reply these tweets, believe me! But what would that do? They’d either be pissed that I called them out or tweet about what I rude and pathetic bitch I am for doing such things so I laughed, thought it’d make a good blog post because that’s how much I have going on for me right now, and I’m going to continue watching Justified now. 

Humans, you are very entertaining to a peach like me.


kayjenno said: Why don’t you like who you are? I like who you are.

I wish I liked me but thank you, K-dizzle. :3