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About a week ago, my mother adopted another puppy (the dog in the photo is not the puppy I am talking about). This pup is 7 months old, cross-eyed and is brown and white. He’s also half Pekingese. He’s been in the shop all his life and nobody wanted him because of his imperfections and my mother, the one with the big heart, decided to bring him into our home! 

He’s my responsibility though (now we have 4 dogs; one person each) and I love him very much. I haven’t taken a photo of him yet but he’s really cute! His name is JD. :) 4 days after we got him, he developed an ulcer in his left eye. It got really bad because it made him look blind; his pupil is almost green/blue in colour. He’s at the vet now, he’s going for surgery because his medication wasn’t helping. 

We had a bit of a scare on Monday because the ulcer looked like it had popped so my mum had to take him to the vet in Jalan Gasing. I was crying like a mutha. I cry so easily when it comes to animals! When my grandfather got admitted in the hospital, I was calm. Collected. But when my dogs are sick, I crack open like the road in Bukit Bintang. 

Ugh. Dogs. 
Why y’all gotta be so loveable?

The Weak One 

Ayyy! Ugh, I am disappointed at myself for being terrible at blogging. I can’t even commit to writing a post a day. It’s not that I don’t have time; after I go through the day when I finally have time to sit around and do nothing, that’s what I want to do. But I can’t be that lazy! 

I wrote the appreciation post like, once. If anyone deserves an award, it’s me. Last week was crazy packed! Work, sleep, work, work, sleep, play with dogs, and then sleep. It’s not too different this week except I’ve made time for my friends, banking and am attempting to walk my dogs every evening.

Spent the afternoon with Kate before she flies off to the UK this Thursday! Extremely happy for her to be going back to her happy place. Goodbyes are starting to be quite common in my life that I’ve just accepted when friends announce that they’re leaving/migrating. 

I tell myself that it’ll be okay because of technology but I am so lazy. If you don’t have Snapchat or Instagram, we may never speak. Hahahaha! I’m so lazy to text (unless I really, really, really like you :3). Ugh, ranting. Stopping now. 

Su Jing is spending the night at ma crib! I haven’t seen her in forever but the two of us are busy doing things on our laptop (she’s actually working; I just finished and decided to blog hehe). Managed to walk the dogs in the evening. I felt great! I hope I can keep this up for the entire week (and then attempt the month). 

Good news: Rocket Fuel is going to be relaunched. I’m mega excited! 

More to come.



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