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Probably the saddest fucking thing I ever wrote.

I wish you would write letters to me
And for the content to be filled with reasons of why you love me
Words that would make any girl feel as light as a feather
Make her curl up into a ball on her bed
Holding her pillow tight with a smile so wide
And the gleam in her eyes so bright
You could see right through her
And know her feelings for you are similar to yours

I wish you would write poems to me
Dedicate words that describe our beauty
Our love that not many understand
Our love that no many are fortunate to have
I wish you would explain to me in simple words the reasons
that you love me

I wish you would read everything you wrote to me loudly
Not at a volume for the whole world to hear
But just for me
Pretend for this second, that I am your world
And your only obligation
I wish you would read everything you wrote to me
because I like the sound of your voice
It’s husky; reminds me of masculinity
It’s strong and deep; like your love to me

You make me blush
Make me feel corny
It’s a talent, you see
To be able, to make another person feel
Not just any kind of feeling
But a good kind
You make me feel safe
Out of harms way
As if nothing
and nothing at all
could go wrong in my day
You make me feel like smilling all the time
I’m glad I have you this close to me
And that you are mine

I wish you wrote letters to me
So I can keep them when you have to go eventually
I wish we could be together
I wish you wrote letters to me on paper
So I could hold on to it when I can no longer hold you
When I no longer hear your voice saying the words you wrote
I will remember the the way you read them to me
And all the memories we built together I shall paint in my head
As if they were all part of a dream
I will remember how you looked at me when you woke up beside me
How you stared at me when I got dressed
And how you would hold me when I felt upset
I will remember all the nice things you did for me
And also the bad
How much I cried because you said that you wanted what you once called beauty,
to end
How my heart ached and I felt like I could hardly breathe
How at that moment, you didn’t comfort me
You walked towards the door and only said sorry
I will remember everything from how we first met
The smile you first showed
To the last words you said

I will remember how much I wanted you
And how much I loved you

I will remember.

But I will always remember why I wish you wrote and read everything for me
So that one day when you had to go away
I’d always have you close to me in the form of a memory

A State of Trance, 2013.

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Bring Me The Horizon, Rockaway 2013.

Escape; home is where the heart is.
Download Festival 2013. 

Bring light into the darkness, awaken and stir this war within us all, reveal my true intentions.
Killswitch Engage, Soundwave Festival, 2013. 

All these people on the planet, working 9 to 5, just to stay alive
Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, London, 2014. 

Shine your light, set the world on fire
Rita Ora, FMFA, 2013. 

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Slipknot, Download Festival, 2013.